Order Complete Protection!

“All that and a bag of chips!”

Take the worry out of your online life. Let the people you already trust worry about your online safety and your computer's performance. Order Call-A-Geek Complete Protection and a real, live human will check your computer, every week.

For more than 10 years Call-A-Geek has been cleaning up computers in the Quinte area.

It gives us great satisfaction to know we can make someone’s life easier by doing the things which are everyday and simple for us, but fast changing and complicated for you. When we do a clean-up on your computer, we know that when we leave it is as safe as it can be, and is running as fast as it can be.

And then a new day dawns.

You are constantly bombarded with attacks. Whether through exploits of bugs in software like Windows and Java, compromised emails and websites or “social engineering” (fancy term for tricking you into letting the malware in), the war for your eyeballs and money is relentless.

You might have a good, up-to-date antivirus program, but even that is not enough. No antivirus program is perfect and unfortunately, a large number of infections are due to the computer user allowing the virus in.

And you might be good at keeping your computer up-to-date, but every day, there is a new threat and soon after, a new “fix” to go with it. That means by the next time we see your computer again, it may be a year out of date, leaving you exposed all that time.

It has become clear to us that the only way our customers can stay safe, is if we are constantly monitoring the state of your computer, keeping it up-to-date, tuned up, backed up and taking proactive actions as news come in – like an IT department does in a large business.

(Know what one of the best things about keeping a computer in tip-top security shape? It makes them run faster too!)

Due to the explosion of cloud based technologies and services, and increases in Internet speeds, we have been able to put together a reasonably priced package for homes and small businesses which does just that.

We take care of everything
  • Constant monitoring and patching of your computer (e.g. Windows Update, Java, Adobe etc). That means you never have to wonder if you should say yes to that little update reminder in the bottom right of your computer. We will do the wondering for you.
  • Antivirus provision and monitoring. No need to buy or renew an antivirus program again. It’s included.
  • Regular, remote tune-ups to keep you fast, fast, fast!
  • Online backups. Important in case of a failure, disaster or a virus getting through all the other defenses.
  • Easy remote access.
  • Optional on-site visits (extra cost).
  • Priority response times.
What else can you do remotely?
  • Respond to questions via phone, email or text. “Quick Questions”* are FREE.
  • Connect to your computer to show you how to do something (extra charges may apply)
  • Fix a problem you are having
  • We will provide help with any devices we have knowledge about: e.g. computers, laptops, tablets, routers, printers, web-cams, head-sets, smart phones, TVs, home theatre receivers or game consoles.
  • We will provide help with any software we have knowledge about: e.g. Email, Skype, Facebook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint.
What proactive maintenance will you do?

On each covered computer in your home or business, we will:

  • Constantly monitor your security status
  • Perform required patches and updates as they are made available
  • Perform regular remote Tune-Ups
  • Optionally perform an annual drive image (Extra cost. External hard disk drive required and not included.)
Will you still come to my home or office?
  • Absolutely! We just charge our normal hourly rate for on-site
  • But you also get front-of-line priority when booking
What things can you help me with remotely?

Some examples are:

  • I can’t get connected to the internet
  • I’m not getting any emails
  • Do I have a virus?
  • Can you help me connect my son’s Xbox to our wireless?
  • Can you help me put my email on my iPad?
  • My daughter has a new iPhone. Can you help her move her stuff from her old one?
  • My computer is slow. Can you speed it up?
  • I just got a call from someone saying they are from Microsoft and they noticed I have errors. Should I trust them?
  • I screwed up an important spreadsheet. Can you get me the version I had last week?
  • I accidently rolled my accounting software to a new year. Can you reverse it?
  • I’m out of the country and want to access a Word document on my home computer. How can I do that?
  • We are visiting friends and they want to see our vacation pictures but our laptop is at home. Is there a way?
The fine print
  • Terms subject to change without notice. Check this space for current terms.
  • If you are not completely satisfied with the service, you may cancel at any time for a refund of the portion of the subscription time which remains.
  • Although we give your incident priority, scheduling your appointment for service is still subject to our technicians’ availability.
  • Call-A-Geek reserves the right to cancel your subscription at any time accompanied by a refund of the portion of the subscription time which remains.
  • Call-A-Geek reserves the right to withdraw this service package at any time.
  • The subscription does not include the cost of on-site or remote service unless explicitly included above.
  • Not all issues can be resolved immediately. Call-A-Geek reserves the right to suspend work on your issue from time to time to do research, await advice from third parties, keep other appointments, etc.
  • Not all issues can be resolved remotely. If your issue cannot, in our opinion, be resolved remotely, you can elect to book a service call or drop the device off at our drop-off location. The service call may be immediately or at a later time or date depending on our scheduling.
  • Your subscription service does not include any third party products or services (other than explicitly stated), including hardware or parts.
  • "Covered computers" must be Windows Vista, 7 or 8 only, and be in good working order at the onset.

Order Complete Protection!