We would like to warn you about a particularly nasty virus which started to appear in September, 2013: CryptoLocker.

Why is this one so bad? Although we can remove the virus if you catch it, NO ONE CAN RECOVER YOUR INFORMATION!

If you have documents, spreadsheets, accounting files, pictures, music, family tree information . . . it will all be gone EVEN IF YOU HAVE SOME BACKUP DRIVES.

Think your current antivirus is enough? Maybe. Maybe not. No antivirus is perfect and I am sorry to say, most infections happen because the computer user is “tricked” into allowing the virus in. I encourage you to apply a specific "fix" to prevent the currently known versions of CryptoLocker from affecting your computer.

Here is a fairly simple program which will prevent infection by the virus as we currently know it. There is no charge for CryptoPrevent.

If you would like us to install and test it for you, click on BOOK YOUR GEEK and we will set it up for you. We can do that for you remotely anywhere in the world (if you have a good internet connection) or if you are in the Quinte area, we can set an appointment with you for an on-site service call.

But I encourage you to consider our Complete Protection option. Click here for more information about Complete Protection.

For more information about CryptoLocker itself, please read our blog post here: Dangerous Cryptolocker Ransomware Threatens Individuals and Small Business

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